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Wormhog - Yellow Sea - 12"

6.99 - 30.00


First Press

- 150x Transparent Yellow Vinyl
Transparent Yellow Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

- 120x Blue Marbled Vinyl
Blue Marbled Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

- 30x Ultra LTD "Sea Edition"
Blue Marbled Vinyl
Special Art Insert
Band & Label Stickers

Wormhog is a Stoner Prog band based in Athens, Greece.
The band’s first EP, “Mother Worm Father Hog”, was released in 2014 and was recorded live at D Studio in Athens. Being loyal supporters of everything that’s heavy, Wormhog draws inspiration from bands such as Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Alice in Chains and Blue Oyster Cult.
Clearly influenced by their musical background, the band’s main direction in songwriting is retro grooves merged with progressive twists and swirling guitar solos.
After years of steady presence in the Athens underground music scene, the band released their first LP, “Yellow Sea” which was once again recorded, mixed and produced at D Studio, Athens by Mihail Karpathiou. “A trip through space, a strange eclipse of the sun, the birth of a monster, it’s fall from the sky and into the Yellow Sea”. This album vaguely unveils the origins and nature of the wormhog beast while also exploring other themes concerning the journey of life.

Release date: April 2