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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you spilled bong water on your Ouija board? Columbus, Ohio's Weed Demon just might be the resulting sonic conjuration. And if not, they sure as Hell are trying their damnedest to manifest and hone in on that exact sound. Since their inception in the Winter of 2014, Weed Demon have been perpetual slaves to the riff. Wanting for nothing more than to do justice to the moniker in which they had chosen. That meant writing crushingly heavy riffs, played at unnecessarily slow speeds and accompanied by vocals that would make the dark lord himself proud. Mix in some lyrics dripping with tongue-in-cheek innuendos about drug use and worshipping The Unholiest of Unholies and you have Weed Demons first offering, Stoned to Death. 5 tracks of groove laden, stoned out, doom metal.
After its release the Demon dudes started gaining a quick regional following along with the admiration of their peers and fellow bands all throughout Ohio. But in a state already teeming with grade A, tone drunk, riffheads it can be hard to really stand out. So in late 2016, with bong in hand, they descended into Daily Grind Studios and set to work. What emerged was a 50 minute slab of riff soaked goodness called "Astrological Passages." Their newest offering may have the same number of tracks as the StD EP, but the depth and diversity of the new material far surpasses anything put forth thus far. Astrological Passages is currently available digitally and on CD. A joint vinyl release is expected July of 2018 via Electric Valley Records and Daily Grind Industries.

Release date: July 27th, 2018