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Slowtorch - Serpente

17.50 - 39.00


First Press

Heavyweight 180 Gram
Protective plastic sleeve

- 250x Black Vinyl - 180 Gram

- 220x Yellow Splatter Black Vinyl - 180 gram

- 30x Ultra LTD “Venom Edition”
Yellow Splatter Black Vinyl, Special Art Insert,
Guitar Picks, Band & Label Stickers

- 5x Test Press


Never one to follow trends, SLOWTORCH delivered a no-frills, no-bullshit blend of ‘70s rock, metal and blues with their first album, “SERPENTE,” self-released in 2014. For the first time on vinyl at the tenth anniversary of the first release.
“Adorned with fuzzy jewels of rock’s past, so if you’re a fan of Dio, Ozzy, Clutch, Kyuss and those damn Dirty Desert Sessions, this release will definitely be right up your street. Tomas Cummings - Toxic Online, 2014.

Pre-order date: March 14 (18:00 CET)
Release date: April 19