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Salem, Massachusetts is a place that everyone knows. People flock from all over the world to celebrate the history and experience the mysteries of the occult. From it's famous history of witchcraft to it's home of both the Satanic Temple and the Golden Dawn. Salem is a place that thrives on the unkown. A place where the veil is at it's thinnest. This is the home of Mother Iron Horse. This was the inspiration for their debut album "The Lesser Key".
Recorded by themselves in their own hand-built studio. Mother Iron Horse kicks the door in with heavy grooves that lay the ground work for "The Lesser Key". An album that is absolutely perfect for beer-soaked motorcycle weekends just as well as it is with headphones and a fist full of mushrooms.
A trip that lasts 39 minutes through 9 tracks. You'll hear heavy riffs, ambient invocations, wide vocal ranges and killer leads. This is how Mother Iron Horse properly introduces itself to the world. This is chapter number one.“

Trasparent Purple Vinyl
Special Art Insert
Band Patch
Band and Label Stickers

01. Gehenna
02. House of Ba'al
03. Scepter of Ice
04. Basilisk
05. Heaven's Gate
06. L' Inferno
07. The Curse
08. In Effigy
09. The Lesser Key

Artwork by: Adam Luca

Release date: May 17th
Shipping around May 17th