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First Press

- 250x Solid Blue Vinyl

- 220x Transparent Yellow Splatter Green Vinyl

- 30x Ultra LTD "Chameleon Edition"
Transparent Yellow Splatter Green Vinyl
Special art insert
Band & Label Stickers

-4x Test Press

Artwork by: Jo Riou

“Chameleon Tongue” is the first LP of Sardinian band Mano De Mono, recorded during the hottest week of July 2021, mixed and mastered in the followin’ fall at Officina13 Studio. Eight tracks, four on each side respectively called “Inside” / “Outside”, are experiences through the new shapes of social constructs. The contradiction of a double life divided in anxiety to achieve social approval while being frustrated of its cold mechanisms. The cover artworks reflects the sides dichotomy in/out of the cage as a relatives points of view of who thinks itself free by the blind acceptance his own condition.
Totally refusing to face with the contemporary codes of aesthetics ,careerism and latest trends that made the worst individualism became a strength, this record is a pure moan directly distilled from a misfit mental loop that hate the human behavior of submission and surrender but somehow have to deal with.
Mano De Mono refers to their style as “punk of the dunes” mostly because his social thematic , the sandy influenced sound and of course the place where they live. They won’t offer you any solution except leaving in you a stoned feeling of wanderlust.

Release date: April 15, 2022