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Lucid Grave - Cosmic Mountain (damaged)


***Please note that unfortunately these items came to us with damage to the Vinyl's outer sleeve. In most cases this means moderate corner dings or seam splitting. The actual records inside are brand new, with no defects. ***


First Press

- 250x LTD Opaque Yellow Vinyl

- 220x LTD Transparent Red Splatter Black Vinyl

Lucid Grave is a dark heavy psychedelic rock band with stoner-doomy tendencies from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their haunting inspiration emerges from the 70’s heavy rock from like Black Sabbath/Coven/Hawkwind, and to the 80’s punk scene like Black Flag/The Nuns. They been described as a tribute to the howling occult cinema from the 80’s. In 2021 they released a single called “Surfer Bat” – A bloody upbeat 70's heavy Rock inspired song! They went back to the studio in early 2022, to record their first full length album ”Cosmic Mountain”. The album is a journey through your favorite drugs of life, the highs and the lows, being chased through the desert and fighting a haze of demons.