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Loose Sutures - A Gash With Sharp Teeth and Other Tales (repress - damaged)


***Please note that unfortunately these items came to us with damage to the Vinyl's outer sleeve. In most cases this means moderate corner dings or seam splitting. The actual records inside are brand new, with no defects. ***



- 150x Transparent Orange Vinyl

"A Gash With Sharp Teeth and Other Tales" is a journey delving into lust; with filthy guitars, stoned rhythms and creepy voices escorting you deep inside the sticky core of what you both fear yet desire.
An escape on high heels, a recipe for toxic tastes, an endless nightmare, a tempting little mistress, a white vulture flight - the 10 tracks which were born in a sickly strip club, created with love, smoke and alcohol at RKS studio, are now ready for you.
So put on your kinkiest outfit and let the record play!