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Las Historias - Live at WB - 12"

19.00 - 39.00


First Press

- 250x LTD Transparent Red Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

- 200x LTD Colour In Colour Purple In Transparent Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

- 50x Ultra LTD "Death Edition"
Colour in Colour Purple in Transparent Vinyl
Special Art Insert
Band & Label Stickers

- 10x Test Press, Numbered Black Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

Las Historias are back with an awesome live album, let yourself be carried away by their psych waves and heavy riffs!
Recorded live at "Wachitas Bar" Córdoba, Argentina on November 5, 2021.
Says the band: "This recording contains two new songs which will be on one of our upcoming albums" Down the Road "and" Purple Dawn ".
Thanks to everyone who came to the show," Wachitas Bar "for being the only one place in this country that
opens its doors to us and to "Electric Valley Records" for believing and having been with us since our beginnings.

Release date: May 20