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Las Historias - House Of Pain

24.00 - 39.00


First Press

- 300x LTD Black Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

- 5x Test Press

Heavyweight 180 Gram
Protective plastic sleeve


The House of Pain is a preview of the second studio album of Las Historias.
“After a month in the jail, I was able to see the sun again and compose this Rock and Roll album”.
These demos were recorded and mixed by Tomas in Laboulaye, Argentina at The House of Pain in the summer of 2023. Recorded with only two sm57, except "The Way I Am" and "Nomad" which were recorded with only one mic because these were the last songs composed, they are the first takes!
“After that I lost my guitar so I couldn't continue recording.. tragic story but I will get that beautiful stratocaster back!”
Thanks to The House of Pain for making this possible!

Pre-order date: June 20 (18:00 CET)
Release date: August 2nd