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Kelley Juett - Wandering West // Glory Or Death Records

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Desert Plains Limited to 175 copies
Pressed by Gotta Groove Records
150 grams Color Vinyl

Release date: June 9

"Welcome to the musical journey within my mind and be the first to witness the evolution of myself through music. This is the first solo piece of music I have released outside of my band Mothership and this means very much to me and who I am as a guitar player. All of these songs came together on the spot and with 100 percent improvisation, there were no "retakes" on this record I just went for it without any editing or pre-thought of riffs or ideas. This project has been a long time coming and this is only the beginning of many more chapters and evolutions to come with my solo career and journey with the guitar. Those who are into instrumental, peaceful, raw and real emotional music, or just looking for something interesting and new to put on to think, drive and relax to.. give this musical therapy a shot"