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Grave Speaker - s/t

22.00 - 30.00


First Press

- 270x LTD White Vinyl

- 30x Ultra LTD "Grave Edition"
White Vinyl, Special Art Insert, Embroidered Patch
Band & Label Stickers

Grave Speaker is a doom project from Massachusetts. Risen from the ashes of High n’ Heavy, it continues the journey of 70s heavy rock inspirado. Influenced by fellow doomers Acid King, Windhand, and Electric Wizard. Grave Speaker is based off the mantra “follow the vibes, not the rules.” Formed in the summer of 2023 by former HnH guitarist/songwriter John Steele, Grave Speaker is very excited to join the EVR family with it’s self-titled debut.

FFO: Electric Wizard, Acid King and Windhand

Pre-order date: December 14
Release date: January 26, 2024