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DESERT SUNS - CARRY ON LTD trasparent Yellow vinyl

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With old school flair and charisma this band from San Diego, CA., summons up a sun-drenched haze of doomy riffs, touches of prog and heavy desert grooves.
In that space where psychedelia, heavy blues, doom and sludge coalesce, it’s there you’re likely to find Desert Suns. Formed in late 2013, from the outset the Californian band a demonstrated a versatility rarely seen amongst their contemporaries. In no time at all they wrote, recorded and released their debut single ‘Burning Temples’ in January of 2014, and by the summer they had already started to unload an arsenal of new sounds.
Their self-titled debut was released on August 16th 2014 and reassured fans that they were far from one hit wonders. Containing haunting lyrics of alienation with compelling hooks, an addictive and atmospheric energy and heavy, pulsating beats, fans of early ’70s proto-metal acts such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Blue Cheer will appreciate the classic grooves exhibited here on storming tracks like ‘Ten Feet Down’ and album closer ‘Run Through My Roots’.
Gaining even more attention in late 2014 after their song ‘Space Pussy’ was featured on Classic Rock Magazine’s cover mount compilation The Levee Breaks and sharing an unmistakable affinity with modern stoner rockers bands such as Fu Manchu and Graveyard.

Trasparent Yellow Vinyl
Band and Label Stickers

A1 Carry On
A2 Sinking Like a Stone
A3 Slip of the Tongue
A4 Right This Way
B1 Wish it Away
B2 Judgment Day
B3 Feast of Flesh

Release date: November 15th