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BongBongBeerWizards - Ampire (damaged)


***Please note that unfortunately these items came to us with damage to the Vinyl's outer sleeve. In most cases this means moderate corner dings or seam splitting. The actual records inside are brand new, with no defects. ***


First Press

- 150x LTD Transparent Purple Vinyl

Artwork by: Natalie Plaskura

Since the 2019 debut 'Albong' the three piece band BBBW creates intense live sounds, droning atmospheres, heavy meditational riffs and vocals that echo through deep endlessness. Based on the foundation of bass, guitar and drums BBBW uses different instruments from synths to saxophone, trumpets, tons of amps, effects, basically everything that creates impact and summons the endless waves for the sonic end time.

Says the band: “We are influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, St Erik, Bomg, ODD, Dark Buddah Rising, Slomatics, Radien and all different other kinds of music. Our live sound volume levels got hardly influenced by a show we had together with our old bands and Cult of Occult back in 2016, they were blasting our ears like no others with an enormous backline, now we are
pretty good to achieve the same physical pressure, not at least thanks
to our Guitarist Jan who is building cabinets known as Cosmic Terror.”