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Asteroid Witch / Greenseeker

17.00 - 30.00

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First Press

- 250x Black Vinyl

- 220x Pink Vinyl

- 30x Ultra LTD "Space Edition"
Pink Vinyl, Special Art Insert,
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Forged in the nucleus of a distant black hole and teleported to Portland Oregon in 2021 AD, Asteroid Witch is a conduit for the psychic communication of celestial Demi-Gods from deep space. Since first making contact, they have been transmitting cosmic doom metal from the stars to enchanted live audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their first recorded release, a split album with fellow Portland heavy-psych band Greenseeker, will be released on Nov 3 through Electric Valley Records.

Greenseeker worships the hallowed ground of psychedelic proto-metal giants such as Rainbow, Uriah Heep and Atomic Rooster, with music steeped in classic riffs and mystical lyrics. Formed in 2019, Greenseeker hit the ground running and the band recorded its first demo, the self-titled Greenseeker, in the spring of 2020. Their demo caught the ear of the doom underground, nabbing the band a record deal which would lead to their debut full-length album The Wish releasing in May of 2022 on StoneFly Records.
Now Greenseeker returns with fellow cosmic doom voyagers Asteroid Witch for a heavy split with gravitational pull. The songs aim to bring storybook legends to life with tales of curses, jealousy, and getting more than you bargained for. With their softly-meandering to rolling thunder range, Greenseeker’s music brings balance to the colossal collaboration.

Pre-order date: September 21
Release date: November 3