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Amammoth - The Fire Above - 12" / CD

4.99 - 30.00


First Press

- 150x LTD Orange Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

- 120x LTD Yellow Vinyl
Band & Label Stickers

- 30x Ultra LTD "Sun Edition"
Yellow Vinyl
Special Art Insert
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- 300x LTD Digipak
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Often trippy and mostly vitriolic, Amammoth is a sludge/stoner metal from down under. The Sydneysiders have been active for a couple of years and already started making waves locally with their loud, frenzied live shows and 2019’s EP, Blackwitch.
The upcoming debut LP, The Fire Above, is based on two different messages. The first message validates the sun as the creator of life rather than a religion. The second topic vilifies the privileged class (such as the royal family, politicians, and celebrities) in our society for their offenses and hegemony.
Sonically, the opus is a scream into the abyss and a sacrifice of the innocents on the altar of the almighty bong. The snarling stoner/sludgy tunes capture the sensibilities of a shot of heroin, a comforting fire on a snowy night, a tender, sensual touch from a lover, and a knife to the throat of enemies.

Absorb Amammoth’s grotesque and foreboding harshness and kindle The Fire Above.

Release date: March 19